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The Rating Diploma Holders' Conference 2021 - Morning Sessions

Revaluation After the Pandemic

The 2021 Conference of the Rating Diploma Holders' Section of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, will examine the current issues, facing the modern rating practitioner. 

Module Duration: 2 hours 53 minutes

Recorded: 16/09/21

Areas covered

Welcome & Introduction From The Rating Diploma Holders' Section Chair - Helen Zammit-Willson

Revaluation in a Pandemic - Alan Colston and Stuart Hicks

  • The AVD world - the AVD was 1 April 2021 during lockdown
  • What does Sch 6 para 2(7) tell us, including the recent amendments?
  • Evidence
  • Extrapolation
  • Use of trends and previous revaluations

Question & Answer Session

The Valuation of Composite Hereditaments - Karl List and Bjorn Bowles

  • What are Composite Hereditaments?
  • Does it matter?
  • Approaching the valuation
  • The Guardians' case

What Does an Over-Trader Look Like? - Wayne Cox

  • What does the Guidance advise?
  • What do the Courts tell us?
  • Overtrading - differing approaches in the jurisdictions 
  • The public house and the jolly landlord
  • The Wetherspoons City case