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The 20th National Rating Day

This year’s National Rating Day takes place in the shadow of COVID 19. With venues remaining closed and working from home still the norm, we have reviewed and updated the 2020 programme and are now running the conference as three, two hour virtual sessions.

Start Date Venue Price  
14 September 2020 3 Virtual Seminars    

Note: All prices are to be paid in GBP and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

Event duration: Day Event Split into 3 Sessions (Each session 2 hours CPD).
Registration from: 09.55. Event starts at: 10.00. Event finishes at: 12.00.

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Rating stands at a crossroads...Having stood the test of time, in one form or another, for over 400 years, the Rating system faces significant challenges. And while, in the words of the UK Supreme Court, it has proved remarkably resilient and adaptable to technological developments and new forms of property, the question of whether it can continue to do so in the face of so much change has never been so uncertain. Already the subject of scrutiny and no small amount of criticism, the effects of the last few months have brought the system’s failings sharply into focus. This conference in 2020 more than ever, is a must attend event.

Important questions around the daily activities of Check Challenge Appeal, government policy and changes to rating law remain and must be answered. But, with a fundamental review underway and the introduction of extensive relief measures that have seen almost half of all ratepayers taken out of liability entirely, these questions are joined by more existential inquiries around the future of the rating system itself.             




Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Josh Myerson

Consequences of Postponing Reval - Kicking the Reval Down the Street - Krista Fieldhouse

  • Issues arising out of / impact of the delay in having a new list in 2023

Rating Best Practice - Dealing with Appeals - Richard NewPeter McCreaJon BestowRoger Messenger

  • The new UT Practice Directions
  •  Default remote VT hearings
  • What the legislation requires for 2017 appeals
  • Varying expectations between VT and UT 
  • RICS Expert Witness professional statements
  • Contingency fees
  • Does all the above serve to frustrate the needs and interests of the client?
  • Managing clients in the new world 

Preparing for the 2017 End of List Provisions - Krista Fieldhouse

  • When will the 2017 List close?
  • When are the last dates for submitting Checks, Challenges and Appeals?
  • Rights to CCA if no longer an Interested Person

Question and Answers 


Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Josh Myerson

Funding Local Government - Alistair Townsend

  • Billing authorities have been the outlet by which Government offered grants and exemptions
  • They too have had to adapt to CV19
  • But what’s been happening to their resources?
  • How has the pandemic affected their funding?
  • With the reliefs and exemptions for business, what impact has it had on local government finances and budgets?
  • What does local government seek from HMT’s fundamental review? 
  • Questions and answers

Rating Case Law - Dan Kolinsky QC

  • A review of cases

Question and Answers


Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chairman - Tim Johnson

Rating Legislation and Rating in A Tax Context

Update and Review of Rating Policy - Nick Cooper

  • Past reviews have we had in the past 10 years, what makes this last year potentially different?
  • The report from the Treasury Select committee
  • The Scottish Barclay Review and its implementation 
  • Welsh divergence
  • Election promises from manifesto to reality?
  • Changes to NNDR and Government responses to CV19

Business Rates in the Tax Context - John Boulton

  • HMRC stats, other material in the public domain
  • How does rating fill the treasury pot and its contribution to the overall tax base
  • The impact of tax of business
  • The Government response to CV19, from a business perspective.
  • What does business need now?
  • CV19 – Businesses route to recovery, what does business need in in April 2021.  How business rates can help or hinder.

HM Treasury Fundamental Review of Business Rates: Is this the real thing? - Josh Myerson

Question and Answers