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CPA National Conference 2018

The Compulsory Purchase Association's National Conference seeks to brief members, non members and the professions on key issues and topics within the sector, providing valuable CPD for all those engaged in compulsory purchase and land compensation work.  If you do CPO work, this is a must attend event for technical knowledge, updates and networking.

Start Date Venue Price  
11 July 2018 Congress Centre, London    

Note: All prices are to be paid in GBP and are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

Event duration: Day Event (Lunch Included), 5hrs 30 mins CPD.
Registration from: 09.15. Event starts at: 10.00. Event finishes at: 17.20 followed by a drinks reception.

The CPA are pleased to announce the conference is being sponsored by the following companies: 

VPS UK Ltd, Vero Consulting Ltd and Ardent

     are kindly sponsoring the conference lunch

          are kindly sponsoring the conference refreshment breaks

Ardent         are kindly sponsoring the conference drinks reception

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With the provision of infrastructure and housing at the top of the Government’s agenda, demand for the services of compulsory purchase and compensation practitioners continues to increase. HS2, Crossrail 2, Heathrow Terminal 5 and the Garden Villages/ Towns programmes currently grab the headlines, but across the country there are hundreds of projects that demand the skills of those with an understanding of how to implement and advise on CPO's.

The conference has a mix of topics covering law, practice and market activity sessions; specifically looking at:

  • What will the role of compulsory purchase be in meeting Housing Delivery?
  • What makes for good engagement where land is to be compulsorily acquired?
  • Should the compulsory purchase consent regime make a difference?
  • How can compulsory purchase be used successfully to deliver regeneration and can there be unintended consequences?

The CPA National Conference brings together members and non members alike. With over 250 attendees at last year’s conference, it is the major networking event in the CPO calendar and a pre-eminent programme to attract the very best in the CPO world.



Welcome, introduction and round up of CPA activities by Conference Chair

The delivery of housing and the role of compulsory purchase 

Estate Regeneration: Brokering deals with homeowners from a claimants perspective

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation - The Growing Problem at the Heart of CPOs

  • The shrinking supply of low grade space
  • The 'funding gap'
  •       The value for money principle
  •       The benefits of early engagement 
  •       Solutions? 

Streamlining the assessment of compensation: a draft CPA protocol 

  • The need for a protocol
  • The status of the CPA's protocol
  • Narrowing issues prior to a tribunal reference
  • The role of acquiring authorities
  • The use of ADR
  • Next steps

Advance payments 

  • No longer an oxymoron
  • The new claim form
  • Interest rates

Market issues 

  • The skills shortage
  • Key challenges faced
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and its application

Early CPO Alternative Dispute Resolution 

  •       A proposal for RICS to establish a structured bespoke ADR process for CPO claims
  •       An overview of the need
  •       An outline of the procedure being considered
  •       Likely benefits of such a scheme, including how it dovetails with CPA compensation protocol

HS2 update

Clyde Gateway – Glasgow regeneration – a case study

Last year the conference looked at Ottawa. A case study that focused on the city’s ambitious transport regeneration which unlocked land for prime development and added value to the city.  This year the focus is on city renewal and cultural development in Glasgow, and how CPO was able to transform a significant part of the city. It will look at:

  •       What was needed?
  •       The regeneration plan
  •       Land assembly in action
  •       The build strategy
  •       Community engagement
  •       Regeneration in action
  •       City living

TfL Good Practice Charter

  •       Presentation of draft good practice charter in compulsory purchase from TfL

 Panel session: Consenting regimes and inconsistent approaches to engagement.

  •        Experience of engagement on hybrid bill, DCO and CPO 
  •        Approach on consultation, land strategy and engagement dependent on order type
  •        Expectation by acquiring and confirming authority dependant and claimants on order type
  •        Issues for claimants depending on order type