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The CPA National Conference 2019

The Compulsory Purchase Association's National Conference seeks to brief members, non-members and the professions on key issues and topics within the sector, providing valuable CPD for all those engaged in compulsory purchase and compensation work. If you do CPO work, this is a must attend event for technical knowledge, updates and networking.

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10 July 2019 Congress Centre, London    

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Event duration: Day Event (5.45 hours CPD) (Lunch Included)..
Registration from: 09.15. Event starts at: 10.00. Event finishes at: 17.15.

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Compulsory purchase is a subject that is in the conscience of the general public like never before. More column inches have discussed compulsory purchase this year than any previous year, and the term is used and searched for on Twitter more than ever.

As professionals working in the fields of compulsory purchase and compensation we face exciting and challenging times. Exciting, due to the unprecedented levels of work as a result of the increasing numbers of major projects and promoters realising how useful a tool compulsory purchase can be; and challenging because we face a shortage of practitioners and a seemingly endless struggle to persuade elements of the press, lobbyists and some politicians that the system can work effectively when acquiring authorities use powers responsibly.

In this year’s conference, we'll be covering a diverse range of issues, with different sessions focusing on law, practice and market activity. The key topics, and questions we’ll be exploring, include:

  • What will the role of compulsory purchase be in meeting Housing Delivery?
  • What makes for good engagement where land is to be compulsorily acquired?
  • Should the compulsory purchase consent regime make a difference?
  • How can compulsory purchase be used successfully to deliver regeneration and can there be unintended consequences?

The CPA National Conference brings together members and non-members alike. With over 300 attendees at last year’s conference, it is the premier networking event in the CPO calendar and I’m delighted that we have a pre-eminent programme to attract the very best in the CPO world.



Welcome, Introduction & Round Up of CPA Activities by Conference Chair and CPA Chair - Jonathan Stott

Keynote Address: Making the Upper Tribunal Lands Chamber More Accessible 

  • Flexibility and choice of procedures
  • Costs shifting and costs capping
  • Do we need a smaller claims procedure and what might it look like?
  • Costs budgeting for the Tribunal?  
  • The role of the CPA Land Compensation Claims Protocol
  • Encouraging ADR

Case Study - Leicester Waterside 

  • Transforming the Waterside - the vision
  • Identification of the site
  • Engagement with landowners and promoters
  • Funding considerations
  • Making use of CPOs 
  • Next Steps?
  • Lessons learnt


  • A behind the scenes look at what land referencers do for us
  • Development in land referencing technology 

Automated Valuation Modelling (AVMs) - A Bright New Future or a False Utopia?

  • What is it?
  • Does AVM have a place in the CPO and Land Assembly world?


  • An update on the scheme and land acquisition
  • The use of the Land Compensation Claims Protocol 

Land Compensation Claims Protocol in Practice

  • Who is using it
  • How is it being used
  • Effectiveness 

Reform Successes - CPA Reform Agenda for the Next 5 Years

Legislative Reform in Scotland and Why it Matters to England and Wales

Legislative Reform and the Emergence of Welsh CPO Practice

S17 Certificates

  • Impact of planning assumptions
  • Development value v. market value
  • Is consideration based on site and context ambiguous for each scheme?
  • Are you at risk for a higher claim than expected?
  • Potential impact on you and your site


Case Law Update